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hdm_icons's Journal

His Dark Materials Icons
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Anybody , Moderated
This community will serve the purpose of distributing to and from fans of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman icons based on the stunning and wonderful trilogy. The images used to create the icons can originate from the movies (actual footage, set photos, actor/actress images), the books, places (such as the Northern Lights), animals (polar bears and the like), fan-art, or you can simply create the famous quote icons. As long as it pertains somehow to His Dark Materials, it is acceptable.

Please read and recognize the following sensible rules before using this community:

1. Please acknowledge the fact that posting many icons will devastate the friends list of some. Therefore, please limit yourself to three icons in the open part entry, before inserting a LiveJournal cut (the code to create one is <*lj-cut text="Read more..."*> -- simply copy and paste the bolded overrides into your entry and remove the astericks if confused) to conceal the rest. Thanks.

2. Graphics such as headers, wallpapers, and layouts are acceptable, so long as icons are made based on them as well.

3. Create your own icons, as an alternative to manipulating ones made by others. It is disrespectful towards the original maker if you distort their work further and seek credit for it. If you are using fan-art created by another person, please observe and respect whatever rules they may have established in regards to manipulating their work into graphics.

4. Please remember to give credit to whomever you may have acquired the icon from, simply out of courtesy.

5. No one should anyone criticize icons in such a way that it insults or hurts the maker. Be respectful and humane. You can criticize the icons, but not the maker.

6. Please note that while you are allowed to post icons that pertain to the religious theme of the series, it is advisable that you limit yourself to quotes from the books and/or movie. None of us seek to engage in any fierce arguments regarding religion, as doing so contradicts the basic message of the series that all religions, as long as they don't harm anyone, are good.

7. If any arguments in the comments arise, or any questionable icons are given, please resolve the matter as peacefully as you can in the name of the Republic of Heaven. If not, please direct the matter to the moderators who may possible delete the entry altogether. Wank is not condoned nor practiced here. The Republic of Heaven strives towards peace, love, tolerance, harmony, compassion, and open-mindedness. Practice it.

8. Please note that all icon entries here must involve His Dark Materials. This is so obvious I need not emphasize it.

9. I've observed as many rules as I can conjure. If one is missing, it is only due to the fact that it is not relevant. Nonetheless, behave as you would in the Republic of Heaven here. We have to be all those difficult things, like cheerful and kind and curious and patient, and we've got to study and think and work hard, all of us, in all our different worlds, and then we'll build...The Republic of Heaven.

Have fun. ^_^